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Nov 30, 2012 3:00pm PST
being leased to cap companies, somewhere aruond $25 dollars per driver; it won't buy healthcare. do something real about the driver fund. >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> first time here. i have been driving a cab for 17 years. one thing that bothers me so much the -- [indiscernible] they take my business. [indiscernible] >> chairman nolan: next speaker please? >> i was in the office in my company talking about these alternative vehicles and where the driver said to me, and we are like a third world country, everybody gets in their car and picks people up. if the tax industry goes away, who serves the disabled community? do you think uber will do that? i don't think so. how about people that don't have a smart phone? you are not allowed us to compete. the cab companies are not allowing us to compete. uber is hiring drivers with the app. people are independent contractors but it should be able to use any app they want; we need a universal app engine need help us do this, help us get the tools to compete with these people. if you read the article yesterday, the comments,
Dec 4, 2012 3:00pm PST
a state supplemental in the early part of the next year, covering childcare cuts, healthcare cuts, as well as other mostly in human services agency. that's in the neighborhood of $8 million. i think the bigger question for us, in terms of what are the draws on that, what other draws might be on that, are what's the impact of the federal sequester and the fiscal cliff. so we're certainly hopeful that the federal government will get its act together. but right now, what we're projecting, if the fiscal cliff and the federal sequester were enacted as it is in law, it would be about $26 million, in additional impacts to the city, and that's everything from hiv and aids services, homeless, cdbg funds for our community development block grants, it's a wide range of programs affecting kind of all -- sort of the whole range of social and public safety services that the federao government invests in through this city. so those are the kinds of concerns. it's a significant risk, i think. and that is why we looked so hard at other sources of funds for this supplemental. >> so the total on that would b
Nov 29, 2012 1:30pm PST
on issuing a request a proposal for drivers healthcare. in order to increase the level of coverage. i want to talk to new york city and other jurisdictions about leveraging multiple cities populations of taxi drivers to bring rates down and provide health care for san francisco taxi drivers. >> chairman nolan: what is the rate at which the fund is growing? >> we started a pilot program, approximately 1 million dollars a year. we started the pilot program in late 2010. i cannot say with any accuracy what would happen when old medallions become transferable. that is what is happening now. >> chairman nolan: i am interested in that. that would be a wonderful thing to be able to do that. mr. -- point about being at a level, middle level, i would be interested in seeing that. >> a lot of the cabdrivers have talked about sort of the other challenges that they face in their industry, corruption may be within the cap companies, maybe with non-driving drivers holding the down is required to drive, competition, challenges around technology that may be they don't have the access. do you fee
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)